Google Buzz

I'm all a-twitter
Yeah, I'll admint to it: I'm stoked over Google's latest offering called Google Buzz. And as you can imagine, the internet is in a near frenzy.

The Social Web, but with a twist
Google Buzz is Google's foray into the social web, but with a twist. It uses your gmail inbox, and right off the bat, you won't be measuring your friends in the thousands. For me that's a Good Thing.

Google Buzz is...
Sharing. You can share:

  • Your updates (even the most mundane updates a la twitter)
  • Photos from the usual sites (picasa, flikr)
  • Videos and more

And of course, you can even start your own conversations. In a nutshell:

Google Buzz is "a new way to start conversations about the things you find interesting and share updates, photos, videos and more," according to the Google announcement.

Google Buzz Features
"Smart Curation" is a keyword/tricky phrase that simply means the longer you use Google Buzz, the smarter it gets about your likes and dislikes. Kinda like Gmail. Well, actually just like Gmail. Using past behavior as a yardstick, Google Buzz can finger posts from friends and friends twice removed that may be of interest to you. That way, you aren't subjected to a lot of the noise that's out there.

In Gmail, Google keeps track of who you communicate with the most. That same strategy will be applied to Google Buzz. Those folks will automagically be added as contacts. One thing you might want to take a look at - your friends group in Google Contacts. Google Buzz will add them as well.

I'm not gonna cover all the features available, but here is a brief overview:

  • Automatic friends lists 
  • "Rich fast sharing" combines sources like Picasa and Twitter into a single feed, and it includes full-sized photo browsing
  • Public and private sharing (swap between family and friends)
  • Inbox integration (instead of emailing you with updates, like Facebook might, Buzz features emails that update dynamically with all Buzz thread content)
  • "Recommended Buzz" puts friend-of-friend content into your stream, even if you're not acquainted.

Buzzing about Twitter
Google has promised to make its new service as open and friendly as possible, and it has started by allowing you to import feeds from Twitter. But only the good ones. If you prefix the @ to an e-mail addy, the message will show up in that user's inbox. However, at the moment this is a one-way street.

Please Leave a Comment
Google knows that following comments can be a hassle, that's why in Google Buzz, comments are shunted straight to your inbox. Throw in some filters and categories into the mix and you've got a great way to track conversations.

Google Buzz is now available but not widely. It is being rolled out slowly to Gmail inboxes but if you are tired of hitting F5 you can Cut in Line for Google Buzz

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