Computer Tuneup Service Offered

 Tuneups for Your Car
As a kid growing up, I remember my dad keeping track of the mileage, every time he filled the tank of our Volkswagen hatchback. And just like clockwork, he would perform tuneups on the engine.

Needless to say, that VW  ran like a champ for over a decade.
Tuneups for Your PC
Performing "tuneups" on your pc will keep it running like a champ, also. Just as everyday driving will eventually wear out a car, everyday computing will slow down and wear out your computer.
What is Everyday Computing
Many factors can contribute to the slowing down of your computer, but the most common ones include:
  • Installing and Uninstalling software and programs
  • Deleting Files
  • Internet Browsing

A Computer Tuneup Will Keep It New
Computer tuneups, if done on a regular basis, will keep your system  clean, uncluttered, and running like new. I will perform the following actions on your computer, to keep it in top shape:
  • Remove unused applications and programs
  • Search for and Remove File Fragments and Old Registry Entries
  • Ensure that Windows has the latest security patches installed
  • Update you antivirus software
  • Defrag your hard drive.

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