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  • Will 2012 Be the Year for Mobile Pickpocketing?

    Lookout Mobile Security has come out with its mobile malware prediction for 2012. In the report, Lookout states that malware writers will continue to steal millions from consumers via SMS malware and that the trend is expected to grow in 2012. Back in June, GGTracker was the first malware found to take advantage of the premium sms scheme.

  • Smartphone Malware - You Could Be Infected

    Dark Reading sheds some light on the subject Things are moving at a pretty fast clip; don't get caught unawares: What took 15 years to evolve with the desktop machine is happening practically overnight in mobile handsets - Dark Reading An attractive target Smartphones are such an attractive target because the information stored on them can be easily sold for profit. We are talking information like: GPS location E-mail Personal information And whatever else you have on your smartph...