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  • How to Remove Malware

    Used to, all you needed to do to remove a virus was to run the already-installed anti-virus software. Sadly, those days are long gone. There is a whole spectrum of malware out there that defies this simple solution.

  • Anti-Malware Software

    This is a short screencast demonstrating how to activate your copy of Emsisoft Anti-Malware software.

  • Smartphone Malware - You Could Be Infected

    Dark Reading sheds some light on the subject Things are moving at a pretty fast clip; don't get caught unawares: What took 15 years to evolve with the desktop machine is happening practically overnight in mobile handsets - Dark Reading An attractive target Smartphones are such an attractive target because the information stored on them can be easily sold for profit. We are talking information like: GPS location E-mail Personal information And whatever else you have on your smartph...

  • Scareware is on the Rise - Protect Yourself

    Scareware, which is malicicous software (malware) that tries to convince the computer user through fear and scare tactics that their computer is infected with a virus, is getting more sophisticated.

    Find how to identify, and what steps to take to keep your computer safe.